About Us

We are Singaporeans, we grew up here, and growing up we snacked as hardcore as any parent would reasonably allow (and more stealthily). We love all the flavours of our country, and they inspire us so much in our bakes. Out of greed to enjoy these flavours, we create them in a medium we love to make - CAKES! Our bakery really, is a channel for us to bake that familiarity in an inspiration filled cake, so that you might be able to have a piece of our childhood, that can bring you back to yours as well. Tell us your story! Who knows, it could inspire our next bake! We thought long and hard, tried and failed, and tried again for many hours in the kitchen every single component that goes into our cakes, before we serve up our food that you are about to enjoy.

We prepare each cake with a lot of care to ensure the quality that you are promised. If we do not feel that it is good enough, if we are not excited to steal bites of the cake while we make it, we will not have it on the menu. We love them fluffy, less sweet, and with the best flavour (no artificial flavours), and safe for our loved ones (no artificial colours!). So we hope you would love our cakes, as much as we do.

We would love to hear from you! Let us know what you think. We will always want to better ourselves, and you are the best person to help us, so we can continue to delight you and your loved ones.